Stoner Cats In Space Needs To Get Made

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michael-garcia - September 7, 2016


Have you ever looked on Kickstarter at the (mostly) horrible looking movies that are seeking funds? It's pretty bleak. When I was in film school 8 years ago my professors declared independent film dead. It's not quite dead but it is on life support. Kickstarter and GoFundMe are the last bastions of privately raising funds to make movies. The problem is, why are you going to invest in a movie that will probably fail? What you need is a film that you know will be profitable. So, what do people love to watch video of? Cats! What section of the population will watch any crap you throw at them? Stoners! What kind of movies make the most money? Sci Fi! That's why I know that if Stoner Cats in Space gets the money it needs, it will be a hit. The plot is,

"I should start by saying that throughout this film, we’re sufficiently lit so as to not be sure where we are. But we seem to live on board an evil kitty’s spaceship that is zipping around the galaxy wreaking havoc and blowing stuff up. The evil kitty is Darth Vapor and he is nasty. His latest target is a planet called Earth, land of awesome television. Mass death and destruction – such a bummer, and we do love Earth TV. But what can we do?"

Amazing. Donate here. 

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