It’s Early, but The Lakers are Leading the NBA in Murses

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michael-garcia - November 1, 2012

The man purse. If anyone can make it fashionable, it's NBA players right? No, actually nobody can. Yet last night, a pink sweater (salmon, maybe?) clad Steve Nash sauntered into Staples Center carrying what looks like an Yves St. Laurent murse. A clutch? Something, and not just that bow tie, does not look right here. The NBA official twitter feed shared this wonderful photo with the masses.

But it wasn't just Nash. Kobe Bryant was carrying something similar on his way to work. Check it after the jump.

I know Kobe spent a lot of time in his youth in Italy, and he's heavily influenced by European culture, but I just can't get behind this. Then again, what do I know about fashion? Not much, honestly.


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