Steve Nash’s ‘Godfather’ Parody is a Must Watch (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - July 21, 2012

Maybe you don't know this, but Steve Nash is a crackup. He's been making short movie parodies and other oddball videos for a while now. His newest one might be my favorite.

Steve does a damn good Marlon Brando / Vito Corleone in this parody of The Godfather. In fact, the voice is uncanny. There's really no need to keep rambling on, just go ahead and watch the clip. But you know what? Nash going to the Lakers might make even more sense now. Who sits front row at their home games? Nicholson, Spielberg, Sandler...the list of Hollywood producers, directors and actors is endless. Nash could definitely have a movie career ahead of him.

You can check out the rest of 'Nash, Camera, Action' on Steve's NOC youtube channel.

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