Stephanie Seymour Returns to St. Barths, Err, Taboo Island

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bill-swift - December 20, 2011

Has it really been almost a full year since veteran hottie model Stephanie Seymour created a buzz, and agog, and an, OMFG, when we outed her rather unusually close teasy play time with her older teen son on the beach of St. Barths?

Yes, it really has, I mean, we should know as we have been counting the days until her annual return to the warm weather islands with the close-knit family. And back she has come. After her Oprah confessional and her son's touching letter about being gay so it's cool that he fondles mom's bikini-clad tatas after a stripper-posed wet and wooly beach show, well, we expect Stephanie to be far more reticent about her familial family behavior this year.

Still, they can't take away our glorious memories of son and mama's mammaries. Enjoy.