Stephanie Pratt, Olivia Cox, And All The Sexiest VIPs At The SWAYE Party

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aldo-vallon - July 12, 2018

I do not know who a lot of these women are, and I have no idea what this party is for, but I do see boobs in a see-through pink blouse, so I am left with only one question. Which Swaye do I have to go to find it?

The self-respecting part of me cringed typing that, but the future dad in me forced it to happen. And if I am honest, now that I am rereading it, I do not totally regret it. I can be honest with myself; I have definitely written worse things.

I am kind of impressed by every bit of the shorthaired hottie’s clothing, and that usually does not happen if trousers are included. It is pretty hard to get turned on by pants when they are not form fitting. I mean, anything could be lurking under that fabric. But in this case that works in her favor. Literally anything could be lurking under there! She could have a beautiful ass, a trouser snake, or even another pair of slacks. The possibilities are endless.

So here is to you, shorthaired hottie. Keep doing you, while the rest of us are imagining it. .


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Photo Credit: Splash News