Stella Maxwell Bare Midriff Heading To The Gym

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bill-swift - June 2, 2016

Stella Maxwell, the only openly lesbian member of the Victoria's Secret Angel troop, and therefore the girl of more of my fantasies than can be counted on as many hands as this world contains, took her hot slender body to the gym all kind of Lycra and bare midriff just to remind the menfolk what they can't have. Kind of the way I feel when I see any ridiculously sextastic celebrity toning herself up in the gym. Off limits. It's a mental wall I need to break through. Also probably financial.

Stella is simply hot and the lady who gets to bed her down to giggles and feather touches in the evenings and late mornings and midday and middle of the night is one lucky woman. That fine body looks amazing in lingerie or less. You throw in a British accent and you have me turning into a puddle of loose liquid before her Sapphic leaning lust inducing body. I'd do anything but workout to win your heart, Stella. You just need the right man in your life. I've only ever turned women into lesbians, but I think I could possibly reverse my powers. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet