Star Wars Infomercials are Stupid, But Just Watch It for the Chicks (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 14, 2013

In a weird way, infomercials are fun to watch. Most of them talk about stuff and offer products you don't need, but there's just something about how they try to engage you that makes it interesting. Probably because most of the people on them look like they're practically begging you to call the number on the screen so that they can come back another day to sell you even more useless stuff...

Taking that concept about infomercials is the geeky crew headed by Milynn Sarley of The Gamer Chick. Now this is infomercials done right!

She's a feisty woman, that girl, and she knows her infomercials, as you'll soon see in the full parody video featured in the player above. Milynn and a few other choice geeks showcase a couple of non-existent wares that you'll find yourself wanting by the time they wind things down.

Go ahead. Dip your neighbor's noisy dog in carbonite.

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