‘Star Trek 2’ Gets a Title, So We Piss Off Every Trekkie By Ranking the Movies from Best to Worst

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bill-swift - September 11, 2012

Star Trek Into the Darkness. That's it, folks. Apparently that's the domain name Paramount Pictures is registering in preparation for its upcoming Star Trek sequel. What does it mean? Why are they going into the darkness? What is this darkness? Or is The Darkness the name of Kirk's new stripper girlfriend he's going...into? Could there be a vaguer title?

It certainly doesn't offer any clues or hints to the premise of the new film. And quite frankly it sounds more like a fan fiction or Happy Meal tie-in novel title than something worthy of a Trek film. But you've got to trust J.J. Abrams (despite Alcatraz) because he somehow managed to achieve the impossible only a few short years ago: He made a crowd-pleasing Star Trek movie that also made a lot of money.

And in honor of Into the Darkness, we rank every Star Trek movie from best to worst in the gallery above. Do you agree with our list?

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