Stallone Replaces Bruce Willis with Harrison Ford, Raising Average Age of ‘Expendables 3’ Cast by One Whole Year

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bill-swift - August 9, 2013

Normally one would assume that a fight between stars of Expendables 3 is over something trivial, like who ate the last pudding cup, or who gets to sit in the front row of the mini bus taking everyone to CVS—you know, old people stuff. Cause they're all really old.

However, the spat that erupted this week between Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis was over a lot of money, and it actually spilled over onto Twitter.

You see, apparently Bruce was holding out for more money. He was offered $3 million for his four days' work, but he thought he was worth at least a million per day, so he said he was either getting $4 million or he was out.

Of course, that's hardly a fair demand considering everyone else involved in Expendables 3 is getting paid in gift certificates to Denny's and a lifetime supply of Metamucil. So Stallone kicked John McLean, 58, out of the movie and hired Indiana Solo himself, the 71-year-old Harrison Ford.

Then Stallone did what every disgruntled celeb does these days: he got on Twitter and said some sh-tuff he probably shouldn't have. You know, really mature stuff like 'WILLIS OUT... HARRISON FORD IN !!! GREAT NEWS!!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!!' and 'GREEDY AND LAZY ... A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE'—because, yes, at this point Bruce Willis does have to worry about his career not taking off or something.

Obviously, after that outburst, the nurse made Sylvester cinch his robe back up and return to the cafeteria for Wednesday night bingo. However, the damage was already done. There will be no Bruce Willis in Expendables 3: Where the Hell Did I Put My Pants.

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