Stacy Keibler Brings the Puppies Out to Play on the Red Carpet for ‘The Descendants’

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bill-swift - October 22, 2011

Clooney! How does he do it? We have some ideas on that front of course, but none we wish to explore man-o-to-man-o, we'll simply sit back and continue to be jealous as he boinks his way through half of Hottieville, taken out a random, but ever-hot assortment of sexy actresses and models like the survival of the human species depends upon his procreative activities.

Stacy Keibler has been trailing The George on his European tour supporting the opening of The Descendants, and looking hot at every stop along the way, most notably in London for the U.K. premiere of the film where Stacy showed a whole lot of cleave on the red carpet, so much so that her boob tape started to show (for those not in the girl dressing know, the boob tape is the flesh colored double sided tape the busty girls wear mid-teat to keep their dress tops from wrenching too far away from their flesh puppies and creating nipple slips -- hence, we hate boob tape!). But we lust Stacy Keibler who makes for one stunning movie premiere date. And after-party date. And after-after party date when all she's wearing is boob tape and a smile. It's a dream. Enjoy.