Spielberg on ‘Jurassic Park 3D’: I’m Not Psychic, But My Subconscious Is

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bill-swift - April 6, 2013

The re-release of Steven Spielberg's 1993 classic Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D has been getting rave reviews from critics. The consensus seems to be that not only has the film itself withstood the test of time, but the 3D transfer worked so well that it actually made Jurassic Park even better. Apparently, it's almost as if Spielberg shot the thing with 3D in mind.

So did the director shoot the movie with 3D in mind? Of course not. The 3D technology back in 1993 was nothing like what it was today, and there's no way he could have known for sure what would be possible twenty years later. Spielberg clearly did not shoot the film with 3D in mind. His subconscious, however, did.

Oh that's right, his subconscious. In a recent interview with USA Today, Spielberg explained that the Dino terror flick "was shot in [his] mind in 3D," and that he employed "a lot of subconscious 3D etiquette," even though he had no conscious idea that the film would ever be converted to 3D.

I wonder if Spielberg's subconscious also knew that one day he'd dump his first wife for Kate Capshaw.

Jurassic Park IMAX 3D hits theaters today.

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