Special Shit Seasoning For Better-Tasting Grub

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bill-swift - January 22, 2013

'Shit' is one of the most flexible words in a dude's vocabulary. There's sh*t used to refer to a noun, there's the verb which we won't get into, and there's the expression that could only mean bad things. Let's focus on the first usage, which is, well, to mean a 'thing.'

In this case, we're only going to be talking about the kind of sh*t you can sprinkle all over your food to make it taste better. But first, you have to get rid of all the sh*tty, wimpass bottles on your spice rack to make room for all this special shit seasoning.

Ready? Let's go.

(In case you're wondering why, we blocked out some of the sh*t we're talking about so we don't get censored by the web search crawlers. Of course we don't want to drive them away.)

I bet you didn't know that there's a whole line of pure sh*t that promises to make your grub taste infinitely better. From Bull Sh*t (steak seasoning) to Aw Sh*t (hot and spicy seasoning) to Good Sh*t (sweet and salty seasoning) and Special Sh*t (all-purpose seasoning), there's one for your every need to satisfy a wide variety of palettes.

Can't decide what to get? The good news is that you can just Get Your Sh*t Together and get three sh*tty seasonings plus some Dip Sh*t for your vegetables. Now this is some pretty cool sh*t.

Get It: $8.99 and up

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