Spacetastic Shooting Incoming! ‘Destiny’ Release Date (Finally) Revealed

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bill-swift - December 10, 2013

To put it briefly and boner-shrivelingly disappointingly, we've a hell of a wait until September 9, 2014.

Remember when we first clapped our wondering, slightly bloodshot eyes (we do have a teeny bit of a drink problem) on the next-gen consoles? Amid all the smug suit-wearing bastards on stages and such, Destiny was revealed. It became, and remains, one of the most anticipated releases for the new systems.

After all, this is Bungie's spiritual successor to Halo. In the ‘brandishing a sci-fi gun at some freakish aliens' crotches' genre, these guys know their stuff. So when a completely unrelated but equally badass-looking interstellar war is in the offing, we're all kinds of on board. Especially so with a project as stunningly ambitious as this FPS/MMO/RPG is shaping up to be.

There may even be a few other nerdly acronyms involved too. That's how much awesome is being crammed into Destiny's every orifice. Sadly, though, said cramming will require almost another year, as IGN reports.

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