‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ Gets Some Costumetastic New DLC

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bill-swift - April 5, 2014

What did Trey Parker say on the subject of Stick of Truth DLC? Eff that, that's what (sure, playstationlifestyle brought us this bombshell almost a year ago, and it's right the hell out of context, but we won't be pernickety there). So he must have been out taking a dump or something when this happened.

Behold, the Super Samurai Spaceman Pack! Which... isn't the ball-bustingly exciting slice of badass the name implies. It's just a selection of spangly new costumes. Consisting of, as you've surely surmised, a superhero, samurai and spaceman outfit. Still, it's not just a cosmetic change. Each of these bestow a different combat boost: emergency shields for the space-dude, an insta-buff for the superhero and bonuses for your performance in battle for the samurai.

If two of your Earth dollars sounds like a fair investment for that, then have at it. Later offerings will include the Super Ultimate Pack and the Ultimate Fellowship Pack, erstwhile pre-order exclusives which just became a whole lot less exclusive. There's more to follow, and it'll be hitting Xbox 360 first.

Via Destructoid.

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