Sophie Turner Provides the Killer Body (You Provide the Dumb Looks)

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bill-swift - February 9, 2012

I remember once in fourth grade, all the boys were snickering because our relatively hot teacher Mrs. Karapetian (she was an elementary school teacher '7') was accidentally flashing her belly button in class beneath a shorter top. The boys all turned to me for my turn at a snicker, but I was just completely catatonic, my eyes affixed on Mrs. K's hint of tummy, the very early stages of idiot guy look forming on my face. This was no laughing matter.

All of which I keep recalling as we get a gander at the bare midriff of Aussie model Sophie Turner. There's something ever so special about how Sophie Turner appears in public. Oh, sure, we could use the words curvaceous or delicious or born-to-breed, or we could roll that all up into the simple term, 'wow'. Yep, Sophie Turner makes that monosyllabic utterance escape from your drooling mouth every time you see her in one or another of her form fitting outfits, in this case, flashing her sweet bosom and bare midriff and a little hint of one of the world's finest bottoms outside of Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood.

It's like a Christmas package missing but a ribbon. And I'm sure you can come up with something creative in that department as well. Enjoy.