Sophie Turner Miniskirt White Sweater Visits BBC

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bill-swift - May 7, 2016

 As if Maisie Williams today wasn't enough, along comes my not so secret GoT lust crush, Sophie Turner. The adorable-lipped redhead with the killer body and the very British demeanor. Sophie's been a bit more leading edge than Maisie when it comes to public displays of the female hotness, though naturally nothing too showy as would befit a proper English thespianic.

Still, when Sophie took her turn promoting the HBO show at the BBC she chose a short skirt and a tight sweater that showed off her Princess of the North regal boobtastic in such fashion as to melt my Iron Throne. Oh, man, that was horrible. Sophie is a real looker. Again, not your stunning model girl because GoT is going for some level of realism. But one fine looking young lady with a racktastic of superior breeding. I'll take that anyday of the week, twice on Saturdays. Sophie, be my girl. I'll cover you in rented jewelry. It only has to last a weekend really. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News