Sophie Turner Has One of the Hottest Bodies in the World. Period. End of Discussion.

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bill-swift - February 1, 2012

She's an actress. She's a model. She's one fine piece of sextastic thunder from Down Under. Sophie Turner simply has a body that makes men wet their wallets with groovy anticipation. A body that you know will ultimately destroy you in some slow, insidious, hurtful fashion, and, still, you go for it. That's a world class body.

In Vegas over the weekend pimping the shizz out of something or other very important to the Casino-economy, Sophie Turner slipped into a green dress that made her look like just about the hottest woodland sprite ever. And when she gets to gnawing slowly on that big thick piece of meat at the Vegas steak house, well, I just want to revel in a phallically symbolic way.

Sophie Turner will hurt you. And you will love it. Enjoy.