Sophie Turner Does An Uncanny Jon Snow Impression

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michael-garcia - April 16, 2016

Game of Thrones' premiere is imminent and we could not be more excited here at Egotastic HQ. One of our favorites is ginger hottie Sophie Turner who plays the long-suffering Sansa Stark. A big question is what happens to Sansa after she escapes Winterfell. By a scene in the trailer where she's on a horse wearing a Stark sigil on her chest my guess is she's going to kick ass. An even bigger question is whether or not her "half-brother" Jon Snow is really dead or if he's coming back. We'll soon find out, but in the meantime we can see Sophie doing an unbelievably good impression of Kit Harrington singing Adele's Hello. She also does impressions of her X-Men co-stars and lip syncs to Justin Bieber. Aw. She's adorable.

I think Snow will be back. It makes no narrative sense to kill him off, especially since they might reveal his true parentage. If he's dead, who cares? It makes no sense.