Sophie Turner Curvaceous Arrival In Hollywood

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bill-swift - October 9, 2013

Oh, sure, some people will say, 'Hey, Bill, you only really dig Sophie Turner because she has a killer body, an amazing rack, and a booty that if Miley Cyrus had it, would make twerking something actually worth watch.'. And, you would be right.

While Sophie also happens to be a cool and smart chick, we as gentleman oglers have to have the ability to put aside the more meaningful aspects of a woman at times and simply focus on her hourglass figure. It's not without purpose. This is where babies come, so I'm told. So when Sophie Turner shows up in a form fitting outfit outside the W Hotel last night in Hollywood, we have to take note. If not whistle and politely make a few cat calls and such. We can't fight our nature, let's relish in it. Enjoy.