Sophie Turner Cleavy Peeks for Asos

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bill-swift - May 20, 2016

Slowly but surely, we are getting toward the promised land with Sophie Turner. Well, nothing promised but the young ginger topped thespianic princess of Game of Thrones fame has been inching toward further and further reveals of her sextastic in the past several months of highly promotional and highly fantasy inducing photoshoots.

The lovely lass of British sweet babe rising fame finally gave us some cleavy peeks in her new Asos photoshoot, pimping some clothes for the young ladies, but giving us just a hint of all the sextastic goodness this Sophie Turner has in store for us in the next several months and years. As she's grown up on the show, so has she before our eyes blossomed into an alluring ginger with the heavenly potential of thespianic thrills. Sophie, we can wait, but you know, not for all that long. Do you think next Tuesday would work for you? My calendar is pretty open. Pretty please. Enjoy

Photo Credit: Asos