Sophie Turner Shows Some Bare Midriff While Shopping

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michael-garcia - August 24, 2016

The Queen of the North, Sophie Turner, showed off her bare mid-riff while on a shopping trip in LA. Sophie is sporting a new look for a movie she's shooting between seasons of Game of Thrones. She's got blond hair instead of her usual red and has a bunch of fake tattoos, including a Stark wolf. But what's not different is Sophie's lovely silky smooth stomach. We don't get to see much skin on Sophie on the TV show, she's a high born lady, after all, but she does show us a little in real life. Of all the hotties on Game of Thrones, and there are a lot of them, I think Sophie is my favorite. Not that I'd kick any of them out of bed, but that ginger lady is my kind of woman.

I wonder how much skin Sophie shows in this new movie of hers. She's got the fake tattoos all over so maybe she's in a bikini? Maybe less? I look forward to seeing it. 


Photo Credit: Splash