Sophie Simmons Sheer Dress and Curves Galores for Book Pimping

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bill-swift - July 1, 2016

Sophie Simmons and her stacked goodness has a book out. Why not. Everybody's an author today. It's like being a fitness instructor or the President. Literally anybody can do it now. So good on Sophie and good for us because whatever the ghost written book is about, it presented the opportunity for the curvaceous second generation celebrity hottie to show off in a sheer dress. Just how Hemingway would've done it if he were selling books in 2016.

Sophie has recently been fighting critics of her thicker body type in relation to lingerie and more revealing photos. Probably too much to expect for a woman who shows off her bodily wares to just ignore the detractors, but it remains the best advice. Everybody has the right to window shop and buy from whatever store they prefer. Plenty of gentleman oglers like the fuller bodied ladies. It should be enough to express your appreciation for what you do lust versus wasting time sharing what you don't. I get you, Sophie. Let's talk it over while naked in the tub and I can give you more detail. Maybe you can sign my book, if you know what I mean. Enjoy.

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