Sophie Simmons Racktastic Instagram Star

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bill-swift - October 7, 2017

Sophie Simmons is certainly feeling her oats. Leaving us feeling our something akin to anatomical oats. The daughter of Gene and model seems to be a bit more on the svelte side than her typically fuller bodied babe-a-licious form, leaving Sophie to show off her spectacular racktastic in bare midriff and similar styles on social media.

Sophie has taken to Instagram of late to remind people that she has a body worth fighting for, if not ultimately dying while in the throws of making the sexy passion. You gotta go someway, why not all sweaty and on TMZ in a spectacular tryst with Sophie? That's rhetorical, I'm thinking about it for myself.

It's unclear what Sophie does besides showing off her sweet teats, as if she need to anything else with her daily life to make her one of our favorite people. More pics, less clothes. If I might slip something into the suggestion box, Sophie. Believe me, I'd slip lots of things into your... never mind. Self censorship moment. For the children. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram