Sophie Simmons Models Lingerie

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bill-swift - November 29, 2016

Sophie Simmons comes along every few months mostly undressed to remind us of her modeling prowess and celebrity all grown up kid skills as a lingerie model with more curves than most of your traditional V.S. models. She definitely has accentuated fun female body parts on display in her silk and lace boudoir wear. Always taking a little heat for her fuller sized body, while we here at Egotastic always like to consider the upside of more woman to love.

It's not that celebrity kids don't have a decent gig coming up, it's that sometimes people forget the difficulty of breaking out of the shadows of larger than life dad like Gene Simmons and cutting your own path in life. Thankfully, Sophie has chosen the path of baring her body for the benefit of eyeballs everywhere. It's like nursing, but for the soul. See how I did that, Sophie? I've got more great ideas. Come by in your little underthings and we'll discuss. No, don't tell dad, please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Adore Me