Sophie Simmons Is A Sexy And Cowardly Lion

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aldo-vallon - November 2, 2017

 The beauty of a costume like this is that with only a few slight alterations it can be used again next year. Add a little bit more fur to it and she will be a sexy ewok. i suppose every costume she puts on is going to be the sexy version. That must get a little discouraging if she is going for scary or creepy. She can pour as much fake blood onto her body as she can get her hands on, she can cover her face with prosthetic wounds, but she is still going to be a sexy zombie. She could even put on that androgynous Pat costume and have it look as faithful to the source as possible and we would still finally get an answer as to what that character's gender really is. It must be a heavy cross to bear being that beautiful. Sometimes a girl just feels like dressing up as Gollum to have a fun night out with her friends. Little does she know that there is no amount of balding hair or toothless mouth that can make a man overlook the fact that she would be wearing a loincloth.  


Photo Credit: Instagram