Sophie Kasaei Is The Hottest Thing On Instagram Right Now

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aldo-vallon - January 24, 2018

  I cannot remember seeing a more impressive before and after picture before this moment. Sophie Kasaei looks like she had a run in with her fairy godmother, and compared to Cinderella, this fairy really had her work cut out for her. All Cinderella needed was a new dress and a carriage. Sophie had to make the weight of another person disappear.

Good on her for persevering and keeping the weight off, but I must admit that I am jealous. An overweight person can live the majority of their lives being considered lucky, but as soon as they get down to only having one chin they can end up looking like a Ken doll. But if you’ve lived your whole life being skinny and ugly then there is no simple fix, and you’ll have to focus on the difficult task of improving your personality.

There is no cheap way to improve the blight that is having a big nose. One’s best hope is to find a person with a fetish for that sort of thing, and that gets real weird, real fast, so be prepared. Make sure to have Olympic swimmer quality nose plugs. 





Photo Credit: Splash News

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