Sony’s ‘A Day With PlayStation’ TGS Trailer Guarantees that PS4 Will Make Your Life 67% Better (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 25, 2013

Math has never been our strong suit, but that seems fairly accurate.

The next generation consoles are but weeks away now, so Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are doing everything in their power to keep the hype train rolling. Including this latest wonderment from the Tokyo Game Show, the PR-tastic A Day With PlayStation.

A day with PS4, quite clearly, will be the greatest day you'll ever experience. You'll stab furious dragons in the eyeball as big ol' eff-off fiery explosions go off everywhere. You'll share your glorious exploits with your slim, fashionable, athletic Oriental friend with shit hair, who will then join you. Via the 'share' button, the joy will spread, and the world will become a much happier place.

World leaders will announce, with manly tears in their eyes, that the hungry millions will starve no more, and everybody will stop being asses to each other. But only --ONLY-- if you buy a PlayStation 4 and a Vita. Apparently. So think on this holiday season.