Sometimes When Elena and Shasta Touch, the Honesty’s Too Much

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Mitch Jablonski - May 16, 2019


Turn-ons and Turn-offs have always been a big part of any Playboy's question repertoire, and as sure as the sun does shine, they're still doing it to this very day. They just asked it again of these two beauties named Elena and Shasta, and their answers may surprise you!

While on set, we spoke to the two models about what they look for in a mate: “The most important qualities are manners, discipline, and style — like how one dresses,” says the charming and beautiful, Shasta. “My biggest turn on is calling to make plans — not texting — and calling me by my name. I hate pet names.” For Elena, she is all about being seen and treated kindly. “The most important quality I look for is respect,” she says. “My biggest turn on is when I am being understood, loved and appreciated.”

Well, I think I speak for every man reading this when I say that you are indeed being understood, loved, and appreciated ladies.

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus