Someone Got A Mouthful Of Beyoncé

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elliot-wolf - April 3, 2018

In peak entertainment business fashion there’s a cover up going on of who exactly bit Beyoncé at a high profile party. Apparently Chrissy Teigen saw the entire incident unfold but refuses to come clean on who’s the culprit. She swore she’d take the information with her to the grave but then named a suspect only a few hours later after promising her silence. Sanaa Lathan’s name slipped out of her mouth in a very First 48 snitch-like fashion. What’s most concerning about this entire ordeal is the woman who put their mouth on Beyoncé must be found before it’s too late. It’s almost like a Spiderman situation. Small love bites from flamboyant women are the equivalent of comic book radioactive spiders. It may possibly lead to super lesbian activity later on by the person that was bitten. The last thing the world needs is another high profiled lesbian who doesn’t write her own material.

Sanaa should probably start wearing Bane muzzles to parties if she can’t control where or who her mouth lands on for the evening. Tiffany Haddish, who joked about the incident in one of her stand-ups, felt that this entire ordeal was serious enough for her to sign an NDA. Now we can guarantee that no one will ever really know who the perpetrator is in addition to no one ever really caring.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News