Some Of Our Best Candid Looks Ever At Sisters Bella And Gigi Hadid In Tiny Bikinis

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earl-jonas - July 29, 2019

The difference between candid photos and Instagram/editorial photos is that there's nowhere to hide in candid pics. Especially in direct sunlight. Do you know how shitty you look in direct sunlight? Very. Trust me. You're a monster. Only the breast and tightest among us can rock swimwear under any lighting conditions without the help of Photoshop, and two of those such humans are sisters Bella And Gigi Hadid.

The shining stars of the Hadid Dy-nasty are living it up in Mykonos and the paps just so happened to be on hand to catch all the majesty. In half of the pics, the sisters are celebrity skinny while taking selfies in polka dot two pieces on a private terrace. In another photoset the sisters splash around with some pals in three inches of water, looking flawless despite the unforgiving sun. As a helpful comparison tool - you would look flawfull. Just a complete botched mess on a beach. Enjoy...

Photo Credit: MEGA