Solveig Mork Hansen Lingerie Hotness

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michael-garcia - October 12, 2016

Danish beauty Solveig Mork Hansen models some tasty lingerie for your viewing pleasure. Solveig is one of my favorite models and it's always a treat when she pops up in our daily findings. I am a sucker for Scandinavian babes. Then again, who doesn't? I don't know how the Vikings ever left home to go on their raids when they had girls like Solveig waiting at home. I know I would want to stay and cup those lovely ta-tas in my hands just like she does in the covered topless pics in this collection. What a set of knockers this woman has. They are so big that I imagine she is her own floatation device. I don't know who her boyfriend is but he is one lucky SOB.

I'm not entirely sure how to pronounce Solveig. If I ever meet her I'm just going to call her Ms. Hansen...if you're nasty. 


Photo Credit: Bryce Thompson

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