Sofia Vergara Looks Amazing At The ‘Ready Player One’ Premiere

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elliot-wolf - March 29, 2018

I believe I’m more excited to see the people outside of the Ready Player One movie premier than I am to actually see the movie. That’s probably only because Sofia Vergara is in the crowd but that’s more than a good enough reason to watch her instead of an action packed film. She looks beyond stunning in a dress that looks like it was specifically made for her. Sofia is a beautiful flower and her dress is an homage to where she’s from. It’s not possible to make such a beautiful human being with two parents. Sofia is obviously a work of magic after possibly being a collection of the prettiest flowers plucked from a field. If a pumpkin can be transformed into a carriage than it’s not a stretch to believe that Sofia started out as a dozen of roses. A bibbidi bobbidi boo and viola, one of the most wonderful women ever to walk the surface of this Earth appeared.

I’d like to get an understanding of what life is like for Sofia. I have so many questions. It’s not everyday you come across a woman who happens to be the result of a perfect ratio of half amazing, half magic, and somehow ends up being 100% flawless.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram