Sofia Richie’s Incredible Bikini Beach Body

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bill-swift - December 6, 2017

It's not horrible to be rich and hot. If you got to choose. Sofia Richie was born into a life of wealthy and leisure, which might be worth mocking if she also wasn't crafted so incredibly amazing and shared her benevolent enhanced bodily gifts with the sunshine and paparazzi.

If you can ignore who this late teen is dating at any given time, you can truly come to see the benefits of having a few thousand sextastic bon vivant women around the world with no day jobs save for being half naked and exhibitionist and covered in tanning oil. 

Sofia Richie and her mams of bikini goodness showed off for God and country on Miami Beach, where we expect her to be a regular fixture of visual wonderments for the next decade or two. May that blessed body never be covered in more than Ray Bans and a hair tie. Enjoy.


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