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aldo-vallon - December 1, 2017

 I am finding myself in a weird position that I think only a historian can assist me out of. It is a kind of chicken or egg scenario. Was makeup invented to make women more attractive, or has makeup caused women to become less attractive in their natural state? 

The whole thing has my mind reeling. Sofia Richie is a prime example. Every time I see her she is simply stunning. But now that I see her with the knowledge that she is without makeup, all I can focus on is the jawline that she inherited from Fred Flintstone. I do not even know if that is something that makeup can fix. Now I am forced to reassess every judgement that I have made against someone because I fear my calibration may be off. 

How much witchcraft is makeup responsible for? How many tens are really nines in disguise? My whole grading scale is thrown off. This is like discovering a doping scandal within an athletic league. I feel like I need to make an apology to all of those hippie chicks I once chastised. they were the only ones that were competing naturally. Although I still do not understand why they needed to shun deodorant. 

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News 

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