Sofia Richie Cleavage in a Red Bikini Top in Miami

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aldo-vallon - September 26, 2017

 I have never heard Sofia Richie speak before but I feel comfortable judging this book by its cover and saying she has enough attitude to last through another depression. She would not even need to go to the extreme of rationing. Has anyone performed a DNA test on her in order to ensure she is not related to Michelle Rodriguez, because that is the last time I can remember seeing a woman with a strut like that. I do not even have the confidence to walk that way and I was an honor student in high school. I doubt this is the future my teachers saw for their star pupil, but life is full of disappointments, after all. I saw myself as becoming an astronaut by the time I was fifteen, but it would seem as though some things just are not in the cards. Speaking of cards, I wonder how many people learned of their future of reading tarot cards by having someone read them their tarot cards? I have never been able to trust getting my cards read by anyone. I have never had much luck with cards, unless the game is go fish, that is.   


Photo Credit: Splash News