Sofia Carson Sextastic In Coveteur

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brian-mcgee - December 21, 2017

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that a "Coveteur" is one who covets, and by the looks of Sofia Carson in the magazine that bears that name, I think I might be a coveteur as well. I'm not much for coveting, it's probably one of my least favorite sins, but there's something about Sofia and her sexy eyebrows that makes me feel like coveting. A lot.

Sofia is apparently one of these Disney kids that's all grown up, and we all know that Disney is a factory for churning out desirable young women. I could be fooled into thinking she's Peter Gallagher's daughter. They look very similar and their eyebrows seem genetically linked. Maybe that's just because I have a distinct feeling Peter Gallagher is one of these guys with a secret kid.

So yeah, it's a covetous photo shoot to be sure, and Sofia sells the sexy as well as any other starlet I've seen. She's got the goods and I think she'll get a lot of work, so long as she doesn't exploit any potential connection to Peter Gallagher. Don't worry, Sofia, it's our little secret.

Photo Credit: Coveteur Magazine 2017

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