So You Want to Be an Egotastic! Intern….

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bill-swift - March 5, 2013

Past Egotastic! interns have gone on to find tremendous success in the fields of quick service restaurants, pawn shopping, and incarcerated smokes distribution. Why not you?

Since it's completely illegal for us to say that we prefer female to male interns, we will absolutely positively not say that we prefer female to male interns. Or the fact that if you're a dude, you will be put through some type of miserable existence while your female counterparts mostly eat grapes seductively in the corner. Hey, this is an internship, might as well prepare you for real life.

To be an Egotastic! intern you must be currently attending, or pretending to attend, some kind of accredited educational institution, although one of our last intern's did tell us they attended the College of Party and I must admit we never quite looked into that as deep as we should have.

We are looking for smart folks with little sense of shame with skills or interest in web publishing, video production, photo editing, seeing nekkid women, modeling and on-air talent, business negotiations, and, naturally, organic chemistry.

If you're interested in being a Spring or Summer Intern, CLICK HERE to email us some short, but compelling letter listing just how few limits you have on the ladder of humiliation. By the way, this is for both Los Angeles and New York locations.

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