So You Can Make Your Own Homemade Fleshlight…

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bill-swift - July 30, 2014

At this point in time, you probably already know what a Fleshlight is. It's a strange gizmo that doesn't necessarily resemble a flashlight. Well, it has a similar shape, but the similarities end there. You see, the Fleshlight can't illuminate anything when you find yourself in the dark, because it's basically a pleasure pit for your peen. It's a vag simulator (yes, you read that right) that you're supposed to hump until you're satisfied.

Sounds pretty gross but it becomes appealing on those cold and oh-so-lonely nights. Unfortunately, they don't come cheap. The good news? You can make your own. Granted, it won't feel like the real thing, but it sure comes close. Check out the directions here.

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