So Weird, It’s Good: An Emotional Piano Cover of ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 8, 2013

The Baha Men had a hit on their hands with Who Let the Dogs Out? It was a catchy tune, it came with a hilarious video, and really, what's not to like about dudes singing a lively ode to their dogs? The song was released when most of you were but wee lads, although it was so popular, I'm sure you've heard it at least once or twice in your lifetime.

Now, thirteen years after its release, New Zealand-based comedian and musician Matt Mulholland is reviving the not-so-classic tune and giving it a classy spin. Matt gives a heartfelt rendition of the disco hit and I have to say that it's the weirdest cover that I have heard.

Gone are the howls and the "woofs" that made the original so distinct. In its place is an emotion-filled rendition set to the piano, with Matt explaining that he "tried to capture the emotions behind not knowing who let the dogs out, while also wanting to know who let the dogs out."

Dude, all I can say is... This was too much emotion for a song about dogs. Seriously.

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