So These Dudes Are Hanging Off Ledges By His Fingertips… (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 30, 2014

Daredevils stare death in the eye and say 'f'ck you' while they perform death-defying stunts, like hanging off ledges and tall buildings with their bare hands holding them in place. Okay, so not all of them do this, but a couple of Russian kids do, and they're having a blast so far. And they'll probably continue to do so--that is, if they don't slip or fall or make a mistake and fall to their (very messy) deaths.

Literally hanging around isn't the only thing they do. Some do pull-ups, others walk barefoot on cranes, while some take it to the next level by using only one arm!

Call them crazy, gutsy, adventurous, or plain crazy. There's one more thing to add to that list, and it's 'viral.' Enjoy!

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