So Real, It’s Scary: LG’s TVs Make People Think They’re Falling Down the Elevator Shaft (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 26, 2012

Movies like Final Destination and soap operas have pretty much covered all the possible ways that a person could die. Getting poisoned. Slipping on a banana peel. Getting flattened by a barbell. Falling down the elevator shaft.

A variation of that last one would be riding in an elevator and having the floor fall away just as it begins moving. One of the scariest ways to meet your maker, I know, and it's this particular scenario that LG chose to let a handful people of experience.

And no, obviously, LG didn't kill a bunch of people. Instead, LG scared them sh*tless (I bet a couple of them actually crapped in their pants!) by installing a bunch of their IPS monitors on the floor and having them display an image that looked like the floor.

When the elevator began moving, the monitors showed the 'floor' falling away to reveal the elevator shaft that lay beneath. As LG said.. It's so real, it's scary. But for those of us who aren't in the elevator, it's also ridiculously funny.

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