So, Apparently NBC Don’t Know Who Evander Holyfield Is!

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bill-swift - August 7, 2012

Evander Holyfield is regarded as one of the greatest boxers ever but you still wouldn't expect to see him waltzing along the streets of London during the Olympics. Or maybe you would? I mean, he clearly likes sport.

Still, you would expect someone at the "Today Show" to recognize him, especially considering someone stopped the former heavyweight champ outside of Buckingham Palace to ask him about Queen Elizabeth's acting debut alongside Daniel Craig in the opening ceremony.

But no one did as the clip above shows.

Evander calls the Queen "wonderful" in his quick comment but wasn't labelled by his name in the extraordinarily brief segment.

Holyfield later tweeted "Look, the@todayshow did a good job. It was hard to recognize me with the baseball cap. This could happen to any reporter. LOL!!" At least he had a laugh about it.