Snapchat Queen YesJulz Showcases Her Sexy Hips In A Bright Green Bikini

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elliot-wolf - November 4, 2018

I had no idea that real royalty existed on the Snapchat platform, but now that I know, I couldn’t be more grateful to get a glimpse of the Snapchat queen YesJulz. I’m going to guess that her name is indicator she’s a woman you don’t say no to. I like it. She has my permission to ask me anything and I would fulfill her request without thinking twice. I’m not a cellphone selfie kind of guy. But maybe I should be if women like her send pictures of herself to strangers. I’d love to exchange pics with her.

I’d argue that looking at YesJulz in a mint colored bikini is more refreshing than wrapping your mouth around a mint drop after eating garlic and onions. I get an even better tingly feeling just by observing her. I also see she’s into meditation. Me too. Except the reason for me to clear my mind is so I can focus on thinking about nothing else but her. I don’t even need to do anything fancy like cross my legs and hum. Sometime I just stop and drop whatever I’m doing and her image becomes a welcomed infiltrator inside my cranium.

Photo Credit: MEGA