SMS Fails of the Week: Condom Corn Dogs, Birthday Hoes, and Eating Wild Horses

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bill-swift - October 29, 2012

Some people like to hang, while others simply want to bang. I'm fine with either, but I'm sure many prefer the latter. After a particularly tiring activity, you'd expect someone to be so hungry that they can eat a family of wild horses. What you do not expect is someone to be so horny that they'd want to eat a family of wild horses. Now that's just gross.

Speaking of food, lasagna and meatballs go pretty well with birthday cake. Apparently that's not enough for some people, because they prefer to have their food on the go with a piece of sl#t as well. Weird.

Surprise parties are fun, but parties where the celebrant gets circumcised? Not so. Cap off a (hopefully) good week with these hilarious SMS fails before you go back to your boring routine. At least, here's something to ward off the Monday blues a little bit longer. Enjoy!

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