SMS Fails of the Week: Alien Smileys, Booger Burgers, and Baby Ducks Gone Bad

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bill-swift - August 13, 2012

Technology makes life a whole lot easier these days. With text messaging, IM chats, emails on the go, keeping in touch and communicating with others doesn't get any easier than this. But there's also the other side of SMS that will have you shaking your head in embarrassment or disbelief at the messes that it gets you in sometimes.

This week, we bring you a bunch of hilarious SMS and autocorrect fails that you wouldn't want to ever happen to you. Just got home from a hot date with someone you'd definitely want to see again? Then don't go sending her about seeing her nipples, dude! Then there's the clueless mom who's using alien smileys that aren't really smileys, and a hungry boyfriend who wants to have some booger (or does he mean burgers?) for dinner.

Laugh out loud by checking out our SMS Fails of the Week gallery above!

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