Smoldering Redhead Julianne Hough All Smiles Leaving The Gym In Tight Yoga Pants

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aldo-vallon - May 2, 2018

I do not know which mastermind decided to make Julianne Hough a redhead, but I applaud their vision and their gumption. I say this under the assumption that she went red for a movie role, because very few women dye their hair red voluntarily. I can only think of Emma Stone off the top of my head, and she is clearly not a typical woman.

No, it had to be the decision of some producer who wants to make an adult version of little orphan Annie. Julianne, being the consummate professional, went right along with it, knowing that her beauty was of such otherworldly quality that no change in pigment could degrade that in any way.

If I tried dyeing my remaining hair red I would end up looking like I had just had an accident in a science laboratory. (How uneducated am I? I tried thinking of something smart sounding and all I could come up with was science laboratory. I left it as it was in an attempt to shame myself. And now I know that I am no longer capable of shame.) This is why I don’t mess with my natural colors. I would come out looking like an abomination.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA