Smell Like a Man: Whiskey Cologne

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bill-swift - April 27, 2013

Real men smell like sweat. But the ones who actually care smell a whole lot nicer, like whiskey, for instance. Take note though, that it's only nice if you're sober. Nobody wants to be with a guy who can't stay upright. And by upright, we mean in a standing up position, in case you were thinking of something else... (Although that other bit does matter a lot, too.)

Fortunately (or is that unfortunately?) for guys all over the world, no actual alcohol needs to be involved the next time you fancy smelling like whiskey. Because instead of breaking open the liquor cabinet, all you have to do is break out this bottle of whiskey cologne by Commodity.

Now you can get that distinct whiskey smell and be sober, too. As for the ladies, there's a tea-inspired fragrance available if you want to stay away from the heavy-duty stuff.

Get It: $50

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