Smarty No Pants: Steamy Looks At Ivy League Hot Celebrities

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earl-jonas - May 3, 2017

Nerds are definitely in, and if you don't believe us, just check out these sexy actresses to graduate from Ivy League schools. Having a hot body is one thing, but pairing that with a brain makes a woman the complete package. Unwrap that package, and you have the girls on this list.

Young starlets such as Allison Williams and Emma Watson made headlines for their acclaimed academic endeavors. But you might be surprised to learn that some sensational industry veterans such as Brooke Shields and Julie Bowen also received Ivy League educations. Today all of these beautiful babes are here to give us an anatomy lesson, as we have the sexiest peeks at celebrity smarty pants in no pants. Babes - clothes = happy feelings. See, we're smart too.