Sleeping Dogs Zombie DLC is Coming

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bill-swift - October 17, 2012

Right off the top of your head; what's the single greatest element you can add to any game that will make it twice as good? I'd be surprised if you guessed anything other than 'zombies'. Some say zombies are becoming dated and are used too much in modern society but those people can suck it because Sleeping Dogs' first story-based DLC pack has been announced...and it's got a lot of them.

Square Enix has just announced at this year's NYCC that a zombie themed DLC called 'Nightmare in North Point' is coming to the game on October 30' just in time for Halloween.

The DLC's plot remains a secret but Nightmare in North Point will task the player with dealing with hordes of the undead with the magic of Kung Fu. Don't let the cheesiness make you wary; the DLC will also give Wei Shen access to new unique weapons and abilities that will help you dispose of this new threat. While little else has been revealed, I'd be willing to bet money on some new style pieces and vehicles making appearances as well.

Nightmare in North Point will be landing October 30 to get you in the 'spirit' of the holiday. You can check out some of the DLC in action over at Kotaku.

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