Sleeping Dogs Reminds Us We’re Still Cops in Latest Walkthrough (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 3, 2012

We see a guy jumping out of fast cars, sliding over hoods like one of the Chinese Duke Boys and blasting away at thuggish looking characters and we think Sleeping Dogs is going to be all about whoop-ass action. It is, but remember the part about how you're an undercover cop? Straddling two worlds, a stranger in both? No?

Take a peek at this latest clip that expands on the idea that you still have to investigate crime in Hong Kong and do all of the stuff that cops are expected to do. You get plenty of help along the way too. In fact, it's your life as a police officer that lets you use some cool stuff in Sleeping Dogs, stuff that can help you move up in the criminal underworld if you know what you're doing. If you want to know how much cop versus how much criminal you have to be in Sleeping Dogs hit up @sleepingdogs on Twitter and see what they say.